Thursday, April 23, 2009


Morning Malaysia! What a beautiful day today is - of course, tomorrow I'm going HOME! Can't help to wait for the day. And to double up the pleasure, the so-called hot topic of the previous week i.e. the hiccup in desasiswa application among students known only to USM undergrads has now settled with the latter had securely got the places - which supposed to be theirs in the first place! Bravo USM! We Lead!! Ha2. *Isn't that too much..

Sarawak here I come!

Anyway, since this is supposed to be my random posting, I'll make it brief and FYI, I'm going to undergo my internship during this semester holiday. Guess where? Proudly present to you the esteemed multi-disciplines engineering consultant firm: KTA (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.

So, here I'm will be for the rest of the remaining 10 weeks acclimatizing myself into the second oldest profession in the world i.e. Civil Engineering.

Till the next posting. Happy Hols to everyone!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


These are some things I got while surfing the net this morning.

Firstly, of our so-called YB's attitude. Before that, allow me to ask, do you think that someone who acknowledged somebody else as less smart can be seen as truly smarter? Do you regard someone's degree of smartness as in proportion to his/her absolute achievements? Worse still, do you think a YB - someone who by fate being elected by his people to speak up their minds - has the prerogative to simply imply that his people is a prat just because they don't have a doctorate degree like him?

This is not a daydream accusation made by somebody who's dying in his place doing nothing but this is how The Borneo Post described the report. Here.

He even mentioned that "Politics within the community (Dayak), particularly in rural areas, is fluid until now because there is lack of the smart factor. And because of that they will listen to instigation and get manipulated by certain individuals."

Excuse me minister, isn't that your duty as to be the representative of the people at the very first place? Now, let me get it straight, NOT ALL of the rural people can be instigated and manipulated by certain quarters. I can assure you that. Why? Let me tell you this.

1. Are you not aware that most of the crops i.e. pepper, rubber, palm oil etc are being planted by the rural folks and these involve some transactions with the vendors that require a degree of meticulousness to a certain extend, still, they survived and are able to make money double fold. So, who's smarter?

2. Then, during the current election in Batang Ai, I personally think that the voters are smart enough to remind the BN of how they truly feel by conveying their "slow talk message" gracefully through the result. BN 3907 votes while PKR 2053 votes. Cheers voters! You surely are smart, failure is nothing compared to the now that BN knew what the rakyat truly feel. Hopefully with this message, more attention will be given to the rotten Lubok Antu Dam, yet, they are planning to build another 12 dams! Damn!! Again, when was the last time you spared time at Batang Ai YB? So, who's smarter?

He also said that "It is sad to see that many educated and intellectuals from the community (Dayak) are inciting the people and this has caused the Dayak to be further fragmented in politics."

3. Again politics. Even this education matter can be politicized? Let me be frank, in my opinion, no matter how many good minds we may produce in the near future, until an exact measure of difference is to be underlined between politics and education, we'll forever in vain. To me, education system should be institutionalized without any interference from any kind of oppressions. By the way, rather than politicizing the educational issues, why not doing something about it if you are indeed smart? Thanks to D.A. Leo Moggie who initiated the Sarawak Dayak Graduate Association (SDGA). That's what we called S.M.A.R.T.

Sometimes I wonder, what's really in the mind of our ministers? Are they sincere enough in their job? I never acknowledged a minister's achievements @ contributions just because they won their constituency unopposed, or just because he/she did something grand etc. - called me a maverick if you wanted to - but, I'll stay on my belief that, those are his/her DUTY as entrusted to him/her by people like me, the voters.

If you can't continue on the duty, finger-pointing for scapegoat of your own incapability, tarnishing the image of your people claiming that they are less s***t (I can't say it because I believe, my people is far smarter than this) let alone championing their hearts, then, just quit!

Again this USM desasiswa issue. As predicted, the result of the rayuan desasiswa which supposed to be announced today is being postponed to 23rd April. Good move USM. Now that many students are looking for houses outside campus & are required to pay up quite high deposits for the houses.

Thanks to USM APEX Univ. management style who encourage gross spending among students, lack of efficiency in management, improper selection methods for student eligibility in desasiswa etc. Truly amazing how an APEX Univ. work. Can I join? * I forgot, I'm part of it.

To me, there's nothing to prove anymore. Yes, the univ. can expect so many changes in order to rocket sky high climbing the success ladder but in the end, is it ok if the students are to suffer? Well, I guess that's the price to pay on behalf of the status. Should I duck?

Till the next posting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Being granted the APEX University status, USM had been soaring up high - not only to justify the stature, but also to set examples toward others too. Many have been done for this purpose but currently the desasiswa application is the hottest cake!

As you can see, the peaceful, soothing week of exam -where students from all walks of years, be it the seniors & the juniors are busy burning their midnight oils - suddenly, compelled to an outburst of knowing the fact... that about a quarter of all the students particularly the undergrads are being rejected from staying in the desasiswa for the next semester!

Some people suggested that the selection were based on merits - the more you contribute to the Univ, the more points you have & the better chance you'll be in the list.

To my dismayed, that hypothesis seems to be flawed because true as it maybe, some who are not involving in any activities at all - let alone representing the Univ elsewhere - are now happily celebrating their joyous victory of being selected when others - who really deserved the place - are in one of their greatest sorrow reminiscing the countless days of hard work - be it in International level, Univ level, School level, Desa level etc. - giving the very best of them for the sake of the Univ.

Yet, these people are being rejected? If it's to be selected randomly, then, who's finger it is to trigger the random button? There must be someone, somewhere doing it off stage unless you are implying that our computer is automatically operated 24/7.

Again, random acts required sorting. Even if it did found to be sorted randomly, then this leads to another questionable doubt, is this how an APEX Univ. doing their job in coherent to the USM's credo "We Lead"?

This conundrum leads me to have my say.

First of all, let me be straight here, I don't know what others might think @ expect, but me myself as part of those who have rolled my dice & played my card feel that I deserved to be rewarded at least, for the desasiswa enrollment. Like it @ not, nothing's free in this world! *Even air suam will cost you 10cent in Halim Cafe*

Actually, I'm not against the system - eventhough wasting my time in this crucial exam week - but, the improper selection of students & time of implementation of all this crap by the system is mainly the cause of this much stirred feelings.

We (the current students esp. undergrads) understand greatly of what it takes to be the so-called country's first Ivy League institution but we cannot simply just pretending to be calm & laid back when thing especially as important as the desasiswa application is off hand.

Some said "We have done a lot for this & that and now they are all bygones... hopefully, they'll review the selection and God's willing, we'll have our desa... it's hard to live outside, so many constraints, rental price increases doublefold overnight...bla, bla, bla..."

I'm no master in "mitigated speech" like others but from what I understand, all this voices simply mean that WE NEED OUR DESA BACK!

Till the next posting.

p/s Still, Butterscotch Bread is my favorite...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Now that everyone is tuning into the exam mode. What can we do... it's just how the system is. We go to college, study hard & smart (hopefully), get fair to good results upon graduation, attached into a secured job and *abracadabra*... called it a day! Kinda funny to me how things work for us - human.

Actually, my first paper was yesterday - Traffic & Transportation Engineering. Mind you people, those kerbs & signage along the road sides are not for mere display, each one of them is purposely installed accordingly to it's function & do you know that there are censors under a traffic light? - just knowing it during lecture anyway.

Now that I have 2 more papers to go & that means another strand of hairs would be expected falling... I need to unplug a little bit, at least for now.

Don't exert yourself too much people, it might feels like dying & also don't be too sluggish because it might brings you no where either. You know your limit.

Here is something for all. The fact that there's another linguistic chap in me, just can't be helped, comes naturally but only during exam.*Curious...

During E.X.A.M., you must endure,
Buckle up & ready to plunder,
The seeds of hard work you watered every day,
For this is the time, you prove your way!

Early to bed, that's what they say,
But if none on your head, is that OK?
You know your limit, no one can deny,
Those virtues will propel you up-high!

Time of chaos, ease you seek,
This is the moment you become a geek!

If you ask me, what's all this nonsense?
I'll say "who cares, why'd you listen?"
Some may succeed, some in vain,
That's nature, no comment...
What I do when there's no luck?
I'll be suave & UNPLUG.

1 thing for sure, I always hold
We are of the chosen kin,
Of honor within,
And fear without,
Remember them,
When in hope you doubt.


That's all folks. All the best for final exam! Till the next posting.

Friday, April 10, 2009


-credit to Lensa Qalb -

In a lovely evening stroll, a little boy asked his grandpa – which he fondly called “Aki” – “Aki, people said, life’s journey is going to be winding and far, far away ahead filled with uncertainties. So Aki, I’m wondering, how far is too far?”

With his typical-expected gesture – halting on his ground whilst at the same time clearing his throat, as if about to spit out something more than he could chew – Aki murmured steadily “Not far… it’s just another step ahead!”

At that time, the little boy did not grasp anything from what Aki just said – pretending it was another mumbo-jumbo spoken by adults.

Now, since 12 years had passed the memory still knocking and aching on the boy’s mind that he couldn’t help to give it a thought and here it is, at this very moment, being translated to this writing!

And to my surprised, what Aki said was indeed practically logic – so, up to this moment, you should know where I got the wits. LOL.

Here is an example of it, let say, some people are to travel to Hawaii - one of my must-visit place - their first impression would be, Hawaii is very far away & how on Earth can we travel there with just a couple of steps ahead as Aki implied? Of course, literally it's ridiculous but wait, look at this scenario.

In this case, some might take the plane to straight away flew to the USA, where for the entire journey, all of the entertainment & access towards technology i.e. the internet, computers etc are all being cut off, leaving the passengers to be in their deepest & greatest state of monotonous lives!

And some may be started to sail away from Klang Port by means of sea cruises where they are all being entertained with luxuries & all types of the wildest indulgences you ever imagined, but, sadly to say, their resource of daily needs i.e. their food, drinks, clothes, medicinal supplements are being limited & all of them are lacking of those needs when they are about to reach Hawaii.

While, some may begin to do the packing and reservation bookings as they rush into the market preparing for enough rations to aid them in their backpacking endeavor - imagine also they are exciting enough to tell the whole neighborhood of their departures, you know first timer. All the way, they are all enveloped with the excited thought of reaching Hawaii - notice also the fact that they have to at least passed a number of continents such as the Middle East & Europe. Not only they managed to be in USA but at the same time enjoying the breeze of other countries!

Relatively, all of them will make it to Hawaii, supposed to, the only difference is their arrival times.

So, if we were to look at it from all of their perspectives, which one do you think might felt the worse & the longest journey?

And which one of them will forever etched the fond memories of traveling and treasuring it as their best experience?

Both people in the plane & the ship might in reality have the shortest means of reaching Hawaii but deep inside, are they happy?

Is it going to be their best-shortest mode @ the worse-longest boring good-for-nothing experience?

Come to think of it, it's not usually how far @ how hard we tried that matters, but our first few steps & how we feel that counts because our destination may not be that far as it seems if we really do enjoy our journey be it in real live experiences etc. What Aki meant was that a destination/goal/target isn't really matter compared to the very first step to take, direction to follow & the joy of the whole journey - which to me is soothingly true.

Till the next posting.

*It is Good Friday. The very day Lord Jesus being crucified 2009 years ago at Golgotha, Jerusalem and I have faith in Him that Heaven is not too far... it's just another step ahead through Him! Amen.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This posting is dedicated to my long-last interest about the magnificent beauty of The Universe. FYI, deep in my heart, I always wanted to pursue a tertiary education in the field of Astrophysics (The only reason stopping me getting a scholarship pursuing this field is that, it's kind of new in Malaysia, so, limited working places there is, but still, 1 day, I will take it, seriously. Ha2)

I often marveled at the dark starry night sky during childhood. The feeling of how small are we actually - humans - in this whole entire universal system reminded me of how little do we exactly know about things - yet, there are this so-called Gurus' who claimed to be deities* literally, of course.

Now, let begins the therapy of how small we are in this unmeasurable expanding universe!

Here is our beloved Earth
considered the most beautiful of all

with it's distinction in supporting life.
The Earth is about 40,000km in diameter.
Existed approximately 4.54 billion years ago.
Natural satellite, The Moon.

This is The Earth compared to
other planets in The Solar system,
which consists of 9 planets altogether.
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
- although, lately the existence of Pluto
is being controversially debated

Here is our beloved Sun
as compared to the neighboring stars
around Milky Way.
(L to R: notice the tiny Sun,
the white star a.k.a. Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus)

This the image of our Sun
as compared to other greater giants.
Notice that Arcturus is almost invincible
when compared with giant white star a.k.a. Rigel,
Aldebaraan, Betelguese & the brightest star
visible to the naked eye during 31st May
each year at the Northern & Southern Hemispheres, Antares.

This is where our Milky Way Galaxy
is believed to be in place.
Imagine, our solar system
(the 9 planets & The Sun)
is only part & parcel
of the Milky Way galaxy & at the same time,
our galaxy is also part of millions of other galaxies
co-exist with each other scattered
along the vast mat of The Universe!

So peps, isn't it's time for us all to realize the fact that how small we are? Yet, humans are barbarically invading each other, killing & massacring the weak, conquering & destroying civilizations, ethnic cleansing, wealth distribution disparity, etc.

The time has come where the notion that - human race is full of greed, exploiting others for the sake of one's victory - should be abandoned. The ripe time for us to realize the fact that we are indeed the force that will bring balance to the dying Mother Earth is no better than NOW & it begins with YOU!

Look upon the Heaven but on Earth our virtues should be

Till the next posting.

Friday, April 3, 2009


It is hard to imagine on the vast horizon of our unfettered mind. Many had been fascinated up to a point of dedicating their whole lives to unravel the mystery.. Anyhoo, I'm not intended to particularly discuss about the mind here, nope - I'm more interested in how they work in projecting our thinking style.

Of course, if you were to ask a psychologist, he'll bombarded you with different types of thinking styles but as for this posting I'm gonna touch only about LOGIC - as it concerned as thick as thieves to my yet-to-be profession: the engineer.

Logical thinking can be sub-divided into 2 categories i.e. epistemology & dialetics.

Epistemology is the basic of logical thinking that believes on the nature of truth while dialetics is the kind of logical thinking that acquire reasoning & judgment with simple apprehension to develop correct ways to reach the truth. Got it?

It can be illustrate this way, let say, G is ugly (I know it's harsh) because indeed in reality - as far as the looks is to be concerned - she's likening to be a resemblance of an ancient good-for-nothing slumber-face per se. So, those epistemologic type of people generally will tend to acknowledge her that way forever because they are seeing the world collectively based on logic of what they observed.

Meanwhile, somebody who is using logical thinking based on dialetics will turn the idea upside down. Normally, dialetics type of thinker will say:

"G is ugly, but she got talents, so, G is beautifully talented!"

They tend to proposed reasons to support their idea in order to pave the correct ways to reach the truth.

Based on findings, scientists & those who undertaken the stream of Maths & Sc. are usually categorized in the dialetics logical thinking style. Why? Let me tell you.

Ever heard a story of how a theory is to be developed? There is this saying: "it only takes seconds to spread rumors but it takes a lifetime t
o develop an idea"

A scientist will bust his guts to convince the entire world of his theory. He'll give reasons - needless to say the mathematical equations on the board - to pave his way before reaching the truth - @ is it the real truth?

I am no clairvoyant whatsoever, but did you ever think of:

  1. Why the value of Pi=22/7 @ 3.142
  2. Why triangle has 3 angles instead of 4,5... etc
  3. How do you know 1+1=2 ?

Don't be mistaken, I'm just asking of how do they know? Of course, through research & findings - this cliche, even my grandma knew it's so - but what makes the world believed is most intriguing to me! How do you know it's the truth @ not? Is it because of people's acknowledgment? Is it by mere random experiences in life? @ Is it because you believed it is the truth?

Here are some pics from the internet describing on how wonderful the logical mind of children there is.

To me, the truth is something I believed regardless of what others have to say. That's my truth! I don't need others to acknowledge something in order for it to be true - I just have to make the effort of believing in it and voila, that's it!

During a viva session lately, I was being asked of what happened to a structure without all the beams? People who are not in the engineering field will simply said, the building will collapse! For sure my friend, heaven knows. My lecturer expected more - you know APEX Univ. So, the other side of me, who are filled with the civil engineering enthusiasm began to be in his dominant state & thank God, I made it through the rain (A-)

*That viva session has opened my thought, this time realizing the truth that a structure will be nothing without beams & humans are the same - will be nobody without dreams!

Till the next posting.

p/s - Final exam will be in 1 week time & that's a truth not because the whole USM is going to sit for the same exam simultaneously - making it compulsory for everyone to embrace - but because I believed this exam will slightly determine my future!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Recently, I read a meaningful autobiography of a man who changed the face of America’s Athletic history book forever! The story of a man named John Baker – an athlete diagnosed with cancer yet miraculously became a legacy in the history of Aspen School of Athletics, USA – is worthy than a thousand words to be shared. Being the one who had been selected to represent the country for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany the prestige and honor was indescribable. He was such in a great dilemma of whether to continue the task – knowing a fatal cancer waits – or tearing down every single piece of opportunity and hope into debris.

The situation was much tensed that he decided to commit suicide at the well known Sandia Crest – rising 10,678 feet above sea level at Mt. Albuquerque, New Mexico. As he was waiting for the proper timing to the “point of no return”, he coincidentally stumbled upon an ancient, wrinkled-black colored-stone that lined a few yards in front of him. Irritated by the stone, he tried to bury the stone in a hole situated just to the left of where he stands and to his dismayed, the stone never ceased to fit in the hole – it was said that he tried until dawn that he forgot his real “purpose” coming all the way up there!

So, what happened to him next? From that very moment he realized that all this while he was not doing the right thing. Knowing that his life is brief yet meaningful, he decided to personally train the national Olympiads-wannabe by his own, and they did won most of the 1972 Olympics although John Baker passed away in 1971 – unfortunately, a year before the event.


The story is not merely a story as it is applicable to our daily life. Have we ever felt that life seemed to be unfair – just because we could not finish our so-called life-death-matter, final exams in time? Or, are we being biased to God whenever we faced challenges, saying that He is omnipotent but yet allowing series of ill-fated things happening to us – why doesn’t He answer prayers?

We are easily pissed of whenever things seemed to be against our way. Our itchy-boastful-pointed fingers will surely begin to search for any targeted culprits. Sometimes we lamented too much and blame on life when we feel uncomfortable in our present unstable state. Amazingly, we begin to complain by portraying up protests just because we missed out our favorite sitcom which we used to watch everyday!

On top of that, we often compare ourselves with others. We normally asked, “Why did he or she have this and that, while I am not?” Sometimes, we wondered, “I have been working very hard but still I cannot achieved such desirable success?” Worse still, to a certain extend, some may be like John Baker – up to the point to commit suicide as an escape!

Well, I must say that as a normal human being, this kind of scenario is indeed happening. But the question is, in the midst of all the adversities, are we willing to make a difference? Are we willing to make our own waves – maybe against the current wave – and go into the direction we- by choice- want to go? Sounds ridiculous right? That’s why it is “ridiculous” because it is now the time to “ready to loose”™ everything once and for all and turning over a new leaf!

As practiced at the battle field, a field-marshal must know who are his adversaries – their strengths and weaknesses before a battle took place. Only when these basic things are in hands then, the attack will strike. I believe those who fought with strategies will have a higher and better probability to victory. The notion that the strongest will rule – as stated in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – no longer fit in since they hold no avails, as nowadays those who are strong but contributing nothing are categorized as consuming food and taking up space!

Therefore, we must know our endeavors and their consequences. Whenever faced with challenges do not be hesitated but on the other hand, adjust ourselves to the situations. Someone in May said to me that “we can’t choose what happen to us BUT we can choose our responses”. In short, the way we act and look upon life that matters the most.

By and large, that is why we should be reminded of what type of puzzles are we playing on – is it the square pegs or the round holes? Once we comprehend the trick of this intertwining thread, only then can we easily thwarting it back-to-back. One thing left for sure is… square pegs really do not fit in round holes! Try as you may.

Till the next posting.

p/s - I don't give a shit to the so-called April Fool's Day - although, the whole world is bragging about it - simply because I'm no kind of a fool who's cracking pranks around without knowing the exact meaning of the event.

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