Monday, August 31, 2009


Payah nak dirungkaikan

Namun dipaksa juga

lidah yang berat

Agar kita bisa mengerti,

ironi merdeka sebenar.

Apalah ertinya merdeka

sekiranya kita asyik bertanya

tahun ini kali ke berapa?

Apakah nikmatnya kebebasan

kalau kita asyik

mengagungkan kebaratan?

Apalah maknanya perjuangan?

Jikalau kita gagal menebus

dan mengisi kembali

maruah kemerdekaan.

Apalah gunanya semangat?

Jika jati diri anak bangsa

luluh dimamah

kerakusan zaman.

Mampukah kemerdekaan ini berkekalan?

Harapan tinggi menggunung,

nyata dan luhur

Tapi mudah digoncang

akibat usaha yang kabur.

Usah persiakan

langkah pahlawan,

jangan perlekehkan

khazanah warisan.

Kerana ranjau kehidupan

pasti berliku

Tunduk kita jangan

pada pihak lawan

Walau terpaksa kita tangisi

setiap bibit penderitaan.

Lantas bertanya pada mata ku;

Inikah ertinya

sebuah kemerdekaan?

Andai diri penyebab kepincangan

Rela diserah nyawa sebagai taruhan

Kerana di sebalik kibaran Jalur Gemilang

Kain lusuh makna seribu

Jutaan nyawa telah terkorban.

Selamat hari kemerdekaan, Malaysia!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Nowadays, most people is desperate to have degrees - be it Bachelor's, Master's @ PhD - because their importance is very much significant that it's likening to be some sort of a guarantee when one is in the hunt for jobs in the real world but the question remains - do you know what you gonna do with it, say if it's a fake?

Out of deprivation to be self-enriched and superior to others, one dares to spend on education - even if it's a bogus degree - Who cares anyway; I got the qualification, I do my job, get paid, my employee happy & end of story!

Some even desperately go for instant degrees - which popped out from now where - and the number of cases involved is alarming as reported in today's The Star. Click here.

According to experts, the sprouting of the rogue degrees are spurred by the needs of current demand especially in the career based line. People is indeed in the need of grooming so deeply that they even cut straight through ego for a better life.

The news started to sell like hot cakes when everyone rallies to see for themselves lists of institutions worldwide that had been band by JPA in that matter.

One of the victims mentioned that he's duped by the scam and the fact that some SPM drop-outs having MBA puzzled me.

A dupe is someone being a victim of deception intentionally, leaving him/her clueless. So, how on Earth someone's with a reputation of high achievements and better still, a PhD holder being duped? Is it not implying that the culprit is but a dork at the very first place - in his capacity as an academia, didn't he know his alma matter? How can he be clueless about the existence of an univ. who's going to confer him an honorarium later?

Then, there's this case of individual getting MBA from never-to-be-heard type of university oversea - who failed to sit for SPM let alone passing - consuming spaces and doing nothing in our already cramped career waiting list.

Are all of these portraying a good image to us? Seriously, no. Forget about image and other things, let's focus on reality; One can has hundreds of degrees, twenty master's and eleven PhD's but for what? Worthy to be in the hall of fame, that's for sure but to me one is still a wacko even with thousands of degrees qualification if one still can't tell between a truth @ lie. Worse still, what more if it's a fake one.

Einstein is no scholar in his heyday - being a patent officer and part time researcher in the Univ. of Zurich, Swistzerland before his theory is granted - yet, he is one of the greatest physicist ever. So, how many degrees did he have?

Nope, I'm not anti-education & harboring jealousy. In fact, the more people having post-grads degrees the better. In a way, it's in handy with the nation's vision to have at least a number of 60,000 PhD holders by 2020 not including Master's. Click here.

I'm curious about what's going to happen in the near future when bogus degrees begin to be rooted in our society. Somehow, the government is signaling a green-light to the invasion of rogue degrees by allowing underground colleges whose operating on money-business selling degrees to be established in Malaysia.

Sincerely, I would say, it's not how many degrees you have but how many degrees (successful people under your supervision) you produced that counts.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Now here's something for you guys out there to chill out on this fresh Saturday breeze. Some scenes from various caught-on-camera candid.

I like their world where law of gravity is void
allowing them to levitate.
But hey, guess this actor forget to unfasten his watch!

When a policeman point a gun
without pulling the trigger,
even I dare to become a mugger.
Would you? Ha2.

A scene from Troy starring Brad Pitt.
Hopefully, he'll not mistakenly differentiate
between a bird and a plane.

Sometimes you just got to do things in a shot.
You know, acting and modeling.
It's like having a cake while eating it too.
Maybe that day, ADIDAS had special
promo in the Caribbean.

Now, above all, let's have a stroll on down-memory-lane of the well known once highly celebrated international actor who blatantly kills thousands of lives in his capacity but nothing less a scum in real life. Have fun!

Bush: Where's Iraq? I can see nothing general!
General: Maybe, it's out of range Sir.
We'll get you a new one. (mitigated speech)
General: Knock it off... how can you see,
you are not even opening the lens!
(monologue to himself)

Best part of all guys, you'll be grateful to have sane leaders here in our country upon seeing this.

Bush: Child, what are you laughing at?
Continue reading and smile to the press,
it's crucial for my next presidential election.
Child: Excuse me, Mr. President, but I can't help
myself seeing you reading upside down! Ha3.

p/s This posting is not purposely intended to offense anybody by any means. It's just a reminder of who we really are - Humans! Between us, there's should not be any disparity and the notion of freedom and equality remained echoing flawlessly.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It has been a while since the last posting and as expected life has been mutely subdued in stems of projects & assignments, let alone lectures aside - such a bummer. Anyway, this posting should be lengthily null, so, it'll be gleanings from here and there.

Firstly, today's news in it's latest update stated that the current H1N1 death toll already hit 68 cases nationwide with the dismissed of a 33 years old pregnant lady who died in Johor yesterday. Click here for full report.

Considering the disease's vulnerability, the ministry had specially launched a website dedicated to guide and update people in dealing with the issue as an early preemptive measure. The site is available to be accessed here.

Last but not least, since Ramadhan is in the corner, I would like to have this opportunity to wish all my Muslims friends a happy and fruitful fasting.

p/s Hopefully there's a truce in this forgiving month.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I remembered some time ago, one of my history teachers used to poise this simple but somehow difficult to answer question; "What's Independence Day to you?" Back then - as mere impish yet to mature student who believed flattery might work against teachers - unknowingly, upon hearing it, the first thing I did was chuckle as I know rule of thumb always governs - standard question comes with standard answer. I replied "To me... bla bla bla..." You know it people, provided you catch my drift.

Well, that's what we supposed to get as a result of too much abiding in definition. Between a war veteran who fought victoriously against all odds during pre-independent days and a post-independent kiddo - their views unintentionally skewed and the reason behind this is simply experience. To the present day youths, experience is all we need. Don't be mistaken, I'm not eliciting a war, demonstration or something - what I'm trying to say translated into today's point of view is that we are doubtfully, lacking of experience in terms of courage, patriotism and honor.

If truth be told, seriously, both you and me need not be a henchman of war - luckily, Malaysia is war free - in order to portray our courage and spirit of patriotism if that's what we are lacking of. One of the very genuine ways of showing our pride is by
raising up Jalur Gemilang - if you are to hoist it up then it's better! (make sure you have rope and pulley). Again, it's not something to brag otherwise it's off purpose.

I understand after all, Independence Day is not about flags raising and merry making but aren't it obvious that the present youths (not all) are somehow seemingly off track of the real meaning of independence?

It's disheartening to hear but facts remained where it's reported that there are groups of people making fun of the flag by raising it up-side down and even burning and tearing the cloth into pieces without knowing that each single stripes was made of each personal stint of blood of our previous heroes dying protecting the country from dignity and insult of highest degree. And yet, to date, the fact that some good-for-nothing irascible young brats playfully mocking and dishonoring this heritage really arouse my firing guts.

I know, you may asked; "Why bother, you are not even born during the call for Independence Day yet alone fight for it?" Physically, I'm not there and even worse, nothing can be done since it's already water under the bridge but tell you what, in case you forget, Rome was not built in a day! If ever a great and unfathomable civilization who stood for thousands of years collapsed through stupidity and lack of wits, what more can a freshie nation like Malaysia who desperately yearning for her people's consciousness do?

The time has come for us to ponder on to this matter seriously. Go to hell with those politicians craps and never-ending lies - when problems alarming, they'll straight away rescuing themselves and their cronies but how about you and me? Those people who are less fortunate? Where do we go when something especially events concerning this nation were to occur? Unless both of us are heir to some sort of billionaires like fathers - born with a silver spoon and private jets as toys - we better stop being cold.

So, what's true meaning of independence? Let me be straight, don't ask me, I don't know either - I'm not some patriot eccentric acting like a saint claiming to know all - but what I do know and sure is the fact that certain quarters making fun and taking lightly of the invaluable independence, we now by virtues of courage, sacrifice and dignity have is unmistakeably wrong!

To the past war veterans regardless of your accomplishments, I salute. To the post-independence generations of which yet to prove something in the making, let's just heed the call of reviving the spirit of Independence Day
, realizing the slogan; "Our flags, our pride" This poem; Salutation To The Dawn summarizes it all.

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life,

In it's brief course,
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence;

The bliss of growth

The glory of action

The splendor of beauty,

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow only a vision,

But today well lived
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,

And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day,

Such is the salutation to the dawn.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every time when it's MERDEKA month, I just concentrate on talking about Malaysians. I don't know why either, maybe it's in the gene.

Anyway, today's topic is as simple as it read: what makes a Malaysian? In other words, what is the true essence of being a Malaysian - sort of, when you are not doing/experiencing all these typical Malaysians thingy, sorry to say, a Malaysian you are not! LOL... gotcha!

Those lists here are biased to the more negative sides of Malaysians, but hey, face it folks, that's the reality and in retrospection we should not linger. Here we go...

1. Malaysians are popular with sweet stuff (food & beverage)- when I mentioned sweet, it does tasted bloody-hell swwweeeeeeeet. I can recall that the last time I have my Teh Tarik kurang, kuraaaaang manis - as I ordered & expected it to be - was 2 years back. Don't be mistaken, by doing so, I'm not going to abundant such a bliss - they said ample sweet stuff accelerates mind performance though! (an excuse of course) I'm just in a league of adding up colors & sweetness to something far greater than food intake; LIFE! & you should too folks.

2. Some of the crucial elements one to remember in associating Malaysians are the fact that Mamak comes in handy with Lemak! Only in mamak stalls did you find all sorts of variation from nasi lemak and masak lemak up to orang ber-lemak. Surprisingly, everything's under one roof! From my observation, people has this tendency of mamak+ing; whenever you feel like filling up your tummy, you go mamak. Whenever there's a soccer match, people go mamak @ worse still, even whenever you have nothing to do, mamak is one's finite choice - what to expect, mamak stalls operating 24/7 & that's really makes a difference. It's just habit. Nothing much can be done about it. What's boggles me is the fact that we are having in abundance - sometimes more - while someone somewhere is scavenging, somehow. Truly ironic life is.

3. Each society happened to has their uniqueness and this includes Malaysians. For instance, The Japanese are very well known for their punctuality while The Americans are popular with their so-called American Dreams. Like it @ not, Malaysia has its very own talent too - Manglish! Manglish is an abbreviation of Malaysian English; the addition of suffixes like 'la' and 'ar' - which are unnecessary - is normal day to day conversation understood only by Malaysians. So, British back off. Frankly, I kinda like Manglish, it's simply adorable, straight-forward and polite if compared to, let say, Australian English. You know, "it's a good day (dye) to day (die)" Yup, I like Manglish because I'm Malaysian - not some standoffish you-know-who type of Malaysians who accidentally, out of no-where forget their Mother Tongue.

4. Also, since time immemorial, queuing & time are some 2 greatest challenge in our society. To presume that we are all too laid back and selectively dynamic is quite unfair because there's only a portion of those who really are time mangers. Here is the link to my previous article discussing about Malaysian time. Click.

Other than these, we are just typical Malaysians who like our counterparts from developed nation; hunger for the technology and yet-to-come future breakthrough in every aspects of life.

Being Malaysians is everything when you know something is not right happening by doing things! So, with this upcoming 53rd Independence Day celebration, lets make it a plight in ourselves that both you and me are going to change for the better echoing the very true spirit of being a Malaysian & being proud to be one! Adieu.

Monday, August 10, 2009


We are truly blessed to have a society like the one we have here in Malaysia where all citizens are thoughtful enough to each other. Regarded as the melting-pot of vast cultural differences and religious beliefs by others, Malaysia which is made of multi-racial ethnics groups is moving forward vigorously according to the path – our path, molded by our founding fathers before us as a result of mutual understanding and respect towards each other need.

After only a prosperous 52 years of nationhood, inevitably, we have achieved countless milestones ahead of others – not to blow our own trumpets here but as a matter of fact, this holds completely true if we were to reflect on things happening around us especially of how the once an Agricultural-based country which depends solely on the exports of tines, rubber and palm oil being transform into a massive technology breed microchips hub reserved in the region and heavy industries production lines producing its very own mobile! – Woe to those who thought that we cannot even produce a needle back then during colonial era. By the way, the latest PROTON is an awesome SUV. What’s the name again, oh ya, EXORA!

This unconditionally recognized nation has flourished tremendously to become “The Tiger of Asia”.

Also, if ever the development of skyscrapers is the finite yardstick of a fully developed nation – are we not having the tallest twin tower in the world! The Petronas Twin Tower or fondly known as KLCC is still standing tall reaching for heaven just in front of our own naked eyes! Sometimes, I can reminiscently hear, as I did the eavesdropping – that as if, it tried to portray to all Malaysians that only the sky is the limit! Ironically, we have the towering buildings and magnificent structures here and there yet, our inner self i.e. attitudes and self-control still in third class category.

Then, if ever the construction of mega structures is the ultimate measure of a successful nation – are we not having the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the superb lightings administrative city of Putrajaya and the Penang Bridge to be proud of? The list continues as long as self-satisfaction is the one we yearn to seek.

Are we not proud enough? Well, at least to the extend that we are now rowing our boat abreast of Science & Technology up to certain standards together with the others– We even sent our so-called “astronaut” to the space. No offense here but as I see it, I considered him as a mere passenger who having the opportunity of one in a million happened to be there at the right time, moment and place. Except this, he is just an orthopedic. No matter what, generally, we should be proud for him.

Furthermore, we are even praised at the international sports arena on behalf of our capacity as the annual organizer of the infamous Le Tour De Langkawi, Monsoon Cup of Terengganu and the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Tournament Series – even though recklessly championship wise offstage but at least, we have something to be proud of! Ever think how much they spent for all of these?

Likewise, squash and badminton also need no introduction to all Malaysians. Names like Nicole Anne David, Lee Chong Wei, and The Sideks etc really did propel our image toward greater heights!

Above all, of course, not to mention the lousy Malaysian football team which always finger-pointing for scapegoats and the never-ending turmoil in our political scene – Rather than these two unforeseen every day coffee stall hot topics, we should be proud to be Malaysians!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Education: The Way Forward

This will be my last entry for the VoFAL trilogy which I've incessantly highlighted in my previous postings regarding the mysterious yet not so-complicated Iban community.

Truth be told, endeavor to be educated and to learn and re-learn are basic human instinct evolved since the very day of our pre-historic record from The Ice Age till present day. Humans keep on reasoning - thanks to our superb inquiry - that each new day seems to promise a brand new hope.

In handy to this somehow natural instinct of acquiring knowledge in order to make ends meet, here is where the needs for education be it formal @ informal took place in a society which includes The Iban.

Before I proceed, I just want to make it vivid to all that this writing has no intention as to marginalised, downgrade nor offend anybody neither it was intended to serve any purpose of political gain whatsoever - NEVER! This is just a glance of the future as seen by a mere student of an Iban ancestry who felt that the time has come to speak up his heart whilst ready to be chopped.

By the way people, do you know how many population of Sarawak? Let's see...

Yes, 2.4 million as dated above. Who's making up the biggest pie? Again? Correct, The Iban. But, why on Earth that Taib Mahmud - a Melanau (among the minorities) - became the Chief Minister? This is more to politic already. Ha2.

It is understood from the chart that we (The Iban) holds the majority of population but in reality, disparity and oppression still occur.

Heaven's know, I am not finger-pointing anyone for this mistake, it's just iritates me that why couldn't my people understand the importance of formal education in life in order for them to survive nowadays.

I agree not all are destined to be Einstein-liked out there, but at least, we should make it a try. I am also fully aware in my conscience that not all of them are able to pay for the school fees, stationery and other stuff but as I want to stress upon, here comes the role of parents! Don't ever think of producing one if you don't have the guts to sacrifice everything for it's sake.

During most of my visits to not only my longhouse but others as well, it's kinda sad to hear when some parents simply uttered with zero-filled-shame at all mentioning;

"Who cares about study and school, look at me, I didn't ever go to school and yet I'm able to make a dollar providing for the family. You should be strong like me toiling up the field, harvesting lumber and be a man!"

That's an every day example of a must-babbled nonsense spoken by a father to his children. Do you sense the awkwardness of the phrase? "... like me..."? Catch my drift? To me, a real father who understand true meaning of life's difficulty always wanted their children to be BETTER THAN them NOT LIKE them. And to be better not only from your ancestors nor everyone else is to get a GOOD EDUCATION.

I remember my sister always reminded me of education saying that it is the most precious treasure one can keep. Why? - As she gracefully replied in tender smile, "Money, gold and glory eventually rot only knowledge through education stands in time"

I'll pen-off here and will be continuing the very last part of VoFAL on how to get a good education and can the poor really cope with education issues in the next posting.
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