Thursday, January 21, 2010


As much as the hot weather is concerned, the atmosphere becomes worse as it is heated by the uncalled, condescending remarks by both Hani Tarmizi and Mohd. Samad who blatantly dissed Sarawakians by their words in Facebook.

Now, this is not the first time ever did I heard these kinds of wild remarks. I remembered when I first came to further study here in Peninsular, one of my friends asked me "How did you came here? By boat?"

Thinking that maybe everyone is still adjusting to the brand new university life as undergraduates, I let it passed. Then, surprisingly again during orientation week when we was having group discussion, he said "You are lucky to be here, if not, you wouldn't make it should you still live on trees in the jungle."

Again, thinking that it was a prank (you know, orientation) I simply ignored him. You see how considerate I am, after all, 1Malaysia kan? It is not until one day he blurted out that matter again that I can't stand it anymore - hot weather coupled with hot issue, behold the hot temper!

I poured it all out in front of him saying how 'uncivilized' he was until his face turned red. You know, it's somehow really irritating and appealingly unpleasant to be called 'kampung' by someone who's actually knows nothing about what he said and yet behaved like he's living hundreds of years ahead of time.

Yes, I am from a kampung, living all my life in a longhouse isolated deep inside a jungle, so what? The way I see it, it is this kampung boy who came from a longhouse as he said, is the one who clearly understand the concept of 1Malaysia as proposed by the PM, that is to stay united and UNDERSTAND each other by living in harmony, and he, being so-called civilized living in cosmopolitans, exposed to various type of hedonistic cultures don't? Who's the real 'kampung'?

Regarding the question of me coming here by boat, I think any sane person who IQ is competent enough to logically think, wouldn't ask this type of question at the first place. It really makes you fall short of the average human intelligence. Anybody who's ever travel outside would abruptly know that Sarawak is the home to the second biggest airport in Malaysia after KLIA. Yet, you said I came by boat. Clearly you never once took an airplane, I guess. Latin Americans still live in places like Grand Canyon and in Northern America, there are people settling in Alaska, does it means that United States of America uncivilized? Babo!

Back to these 2 fellas, here are their nasty remarks.

To an opportunist, these remarks are yet another tool to create the already taken place tension among the various ethnicity in Malaysia unless of course we make things right. To me, as the one of whom these words are directed, it's inevitably uncalled for and worthy of condemnation. Worse comes to worse, you posted them on a social network such as Facebook that connects millions of people in the globe, though it maybe said to be unintentional, isn't it done on purpose when it comes to social rights?

Now, I'm not labeling all Peninsular people are ignorant. Never. In fact, most of my friends are from peninsular and we make good buddies. I am by comparison only referring to these 2 and those who said "Oh, you're Malaysian, where are you from? Sarawak, is it part of Brunei?" whenever I told them I'm from Sarawak.

It makes me wonder and ponder in deep perusal, WHY did some of the Peninsular people (not all) keeps on calling that we are uncivilized, living in the jungle, hunting wildboars and still have weird cultures like The Na'Vi in the movie Avatar?

My Conclusion: People's perception!

1. Firstly is through education. I recalled the last time when I was in primary school learning Kajian Tempatan and Geography made me almost puke. Not because of the subject but due to the loop-sided information in it. Whenever, there's an information about Sarawak, the only things that been mentioned about were pictures of rumah panjang, headhunting activities, weird rituals etc. Never did I saw any striking building like The A Famosa, KL Tower etc. being printed in the textbook - leaving people to believe that there is none of such in Sarawak. So, every single primary school kids who read Malaysian Primary School Textbooks are made to believe in their mind that Sarawak is nothing but a bunch of rumah panjang, headhunters and eccentric ethnics' dwellers. I know the intention of the ministry is to promote diverse rich cultures in Sarawak (2 thumbs up) but once in a while why not pictures of modernization i.e. the capital city, places of interests and tourist spots? Why must all the time portraying the past?

2. Secondly is entertainment and commercial influences. Almost every time when there's an advert regarding Sarawak, the contents are most likely typical - that same advert always shows Dayaks in loincloth using Digi, pictures of Orang Utans & hornbills, people living in rumah panjang and Jessica Alba playing the role of a maiden in Sleeping Dictionary - But, that's not all. Where's the picture of UNIMAS, Sarawak Cultural Village which host the annual World Rainforest Festival (attracting more than 100,000 visitors), Waterfront, Highland of Bario (home to the infamous Bario Rice), Mulu National Park (melting pot of natural biodiversity & dubbed as the biggest cave in the world which can accommodate 40 Boeing 747 aircrafts), Kuching International Airport etc.? Why must every time these adverts keep on showing the dull side of the beautiful land? Instead of jungles why not once a while show something more realistic? Not that we don't have one!

3. Politics. I'm not going to talk about this here because politics is not my forte. I just want to ask this question: Where did the politicians (Sarawak indigenous leaders) - the one who is elected by the people to make their voices heard - cowering during this time when their support is much needed?

I'm not suggesting that the commercials industries to stop promoting Sarawak. No. I'm making myself clear that sometimes why not let people see it the other way round. Enough with jungles, isn't it time for something more realistic and aesthetical? And to those 2 ignorant scums, do plan a visit to Sarawak the next time before you comment because you know what, the state you are now makes you looks silly.

God's willing, maybe by that your perspectives towards us may thrive to greater heights. Because to be called savages when you are not, hurts.

Till the next postings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This posting is called slices due to its nature which is appealing to the contents - bits of things here and there. Frankly, I spent the whole week in front of the computer, final year project and of course, movies (some pundits may claimed it to be puerile, I called it multi-tasking!)

The first movie was The Blind Side directed by John Lee Hancock based on the 2006 book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a game by Michael Lewis. A true story of a 23 years old Michael Oher a.k.a. "Big Mike" (an African-American) who had always getting the shorter end of the stick in life due to his past yet miraculously re-shape the face of American Football history upon his adoption by white family (The Tuohys) who cared and raised him as part of the family. For synopsis, click here.

From what I saw throughout the scenes, Sandra Bullock's performance (who acted as the loving-mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy) is without doubt worthy of her Oscar, seriously. My overall rating would be saccharine-sweet!

"No matter who you were in the past,
let it pass... what counts is now
and the way you live it
will definitely affect the future"

Leigh Anne Tuohy.

As much as I wanted to finish up my work, I simply can't resist the temptation to watch another movie directed by Thomas Carter entitled Coach Carter. Based on a true story of a basketball coach named Ken Carter which in his unwavering principles made shocking headlines in Richmond, California, 1999 for benching his undefeated team due to poor academic results.

Richmond High School was back at that time dubbed as incompetent school athletically and academically with poor enrollment grades for students to college was the center of the story which in time will transform America's perception on 'student-athletes' concept. A term which Coach Carter believed to be purposely misinterpreted by many (including the school's administrative board) - since you're an athlete, why bother study and have good grades?

Of which Ken Carter replied "The name is 'student-athlete' isn't it? Student and study comes first, then you become an athlete." His principles and ways of dealing the issue was the limelight of American news in 1999.

The man, who believed in tapping into one's true potential proved his critics wrong when later not only that his basketball team made it to finals losing to St. Francis by merely 2 points but also managed to witness 6 of his students enrolled into various universities upon graduation. And he is Ken Carter.

"What is your deepest fear? Our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. It is not in some of us, it's in everyone, and as we let our lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates other" - Ken Carter.

Ya it has been a lot of movies marathon lately but I assure you, they are all worth the day. Most importantly, to me, both stories echo the same message of believing in yourself, as John Ondrasik's latest song 'Chances' summarized it all: It's all about taking the swing and knowing the beauty of the scars.

Till the next postings.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm gonna take a break from the arson attack issue of the Malaysian churches in this posting. You know, there's bunch of people mentioning about it already, be it in mass media or every day coffee-stall talk - without knowing of course, who's really behind the scene. Who knows, right now at this moment, a wacko-doodle who wishes for Malaysia's downfall through racial tension and disunity somewhere, might be planning for the next strike! And us? Still left behind with our itchy hands playing the finger-pointing game. What a sad ending that is should it become a movie.

Anyway, talking about coffee, lately I've just finished reading Start Over, Finish Rich by David Bach - a book which is timely to be read during this financial crisis, mind you avid readers, your eyes wouldn't blink as they go between the lines.

(FYI, I don't take coffee)

In the book, Dave coined a term called 'The Latte Factor' which is an euphemistic label for all that extra money we spend daily on non-essentials such as candies, cigarrettes, soda etc. for Malaysians - 'air warna', latte, 'roti canai' and yes, Kosmo. Dave make it even surprising when he said that those inordinate amount of money people waste on not-very-important daily basis when saved, can actually make us millionaires!

At first, I was quite skeptical though but hey here's a quick check on how it may work.

1. Identify your every day must have favorite which falls into the category of non-essentials (you will not die when you abstain it kind of stuff). In the US it is cafe latte but here in Malaysia, let's just assume our 'air warna' which cost you say 80 cents per cup.

2. Now, let's say your habit was to have at least 3 cups of 'air warna' a day (morning breakfast, lunch, evening tea-break, assuming during office hours)

3. 0.80 cents multiply by 3 will eventually cost you RM2.40 per day.

4. Now, RM2.40 x 7 days a week equals to RM16.80 per week. Meaning, you spent RM67.20 a month and worse comes to worse RM806.40 per year on just 'air warna'! Not to mention stuff like cigarettes, sweets, 'roti canai' and yes again, Kosmo.

5. On average, Malaysians spent at least RM2000++ each year on non-essentials as long as the Latte Factor is concerned. You believe it? Do your Maths.

6. I personally think that if we can sort of minimize these habits and know your Latte Factor, I'm convinced that anybody can invest their precious RM2K into somewhere else profitable - and it's as easy as to cut-off our unnecessary daily basis. Need not for plundering or sweat toiling whatsoever.

7. So, imagine investing RM2K a year. 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? That's how it makes a different translated into today's economy performance.

It starts with discipline and the way you name your 'Latte Factor'. This excerpt concludes it all;

"A latte spurned is a fortune earned!"
- People Magazine -

Till the next postings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Typical-flaccid Malaysia is in uproar again - thanks to demo'crazy'! This time the stretch is induced by the circulation of the so-called 'confusion' in the use of the word "ALLAH" by the Catholic weekly published local magazine, Herald.

The spat began when the usage of the word "ALLAH" used in the magazine was wade public by one of the local media. The issue dragged for quite a time and ended up in the High Court favoring the former. However, some of the Muslim Malays are in the view that the decision of the court was uncalled for that the use of the word may confused the public. The situation slides down abruptly when some group of individuals threaten up to organize riots to manifest their protest.

Now, I am not a theologian or an ustaz to comment but what can I say are inscribed in those words below:

1. The Herald magazine is published on weekly basis, meaning "ALLAH" was not being used yester week nor the week after, but for the rest of these time as well, so, why make it a fuss now?

2. The word "ALLAH" is the translation of the word God. Is "ALLAH" exclusively for Muslims and God is meant to be for the Non-Muslims only?

3. Having a chit-chat with a friend of mine, a Muslim, is truly meaningful. Here's part of our discussion of which he said "... No body who is sane enough to understand the teaching of Islam is going to be confused with the word "ALLAH" with other religion. Only our politicians got 'confused' and that's why this things happened... I'm fully aware what the first chapter of The Holy Quran said and it's clearly not The Lord's Prayer!" That's what I called a true Muslim who knows his religion well.

4. You see, the only person getting 'confused' all this while are some politicians who played their cards off-stage to provoke tension in the community - and seriously, we fall for it?

5. Don't we all believed in one true God? At least, that's what I am thought about religion. If that is it, therefore, it make great sense then, that others should called Him by the same name because there is no other God. Don't you think?

6. There's no need for street protest whatsoever because if one really have that ample time 'demon'strating on roads with this issue, why not take issues like child abuse, drugs trafficking, pre-marital sex, corruptions etc. which are happening right in front of our eyes every day seriously by rioting? That'll make you 'God'ly!

Again, I strongly feel that this matter should not be brought up to court at all at the first place, both Muslims and Christians alike, who believed in God must do some quick check on ourselves first because the way I see it, we're just as equally none better than others in handling this matter by letting the court decides when it comes to religious affair. Isn't that clearly a political move? You bet!

Till the next postings.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Nyadi tu digela aku,
Ai takang tunjang teberu terutu jemu ujan nyaya,
Ai buah apung sepugu keberai nadai lepa,
Ai tusu tanah ladu beri antu Bunsu Sempandai,
Ai tambak bukau galak tumbuh sekeradak keruang sungai,
Ai sepeta bunga jawa tumbuh di nanga kerapa melai,
Sua enjok suka tendok,
Datai ari teluk baya Bebangai,
Suruh anjung Burung Ketupung,
Surung anjung Burung Beragai,

Lalu dianjung Bujang Lempong ngagai landung tanah landai,
Ujak pulut lemak ujak selepak buloh balai,
Nyau kelama, peda nyadi deh,
Belayan padi ari kaki sampai serarai,
Peda mansang padi bangang nunda segang pasang lemai,
Peda buah padi mudah udu manah besai tangkai,
Lalu diambi Dara Sanji isi ngagai lanji tikai kemebai,
Simpan Dara Rawan dalam pelawan tajau rawai,
Tutuk Dara Gawuk ngena ceruk ngambi ka nyamai,
Pelaki Dara Mereti ngena ragi ulih meli tumpuk kedai,
Dipulah Seripah Dayang Ani, bini dudi Patinggi Ali Datuk Intai,
Dia ia lalu disimpan sida dalam kutak begambar singa,
Ditaruh sida teguh-teguh di supermarket kedai cina,
Lalu dibeli Bujang Wi ngena duit pala raja,
Nyadi diatu ia dipeda kitai nerachah mua bala,
Laban Ai Brandy campur Whisky aku tu,

Endang sigi pama pemadu-madu ia bisa,

Teleba ngerebah ka jelu gajah begading dua,
Kena sida ka bujang belaban bungah enggau sida ka dara,
Lebuh ka besemaya di kebun bunga muzium negara.

Tang ka saritu tadi,
Ia dikena aku ngansah terinting puting dabung seleka,
Enggi kita wai akan,
Ka terengkah di blog aku sapit tikai anyam tiga,
Ngambi ka seregah kita taing-taing inggar didinga,
Munyi pusin bilun terebai enggi Sultan tuan Raja,
Kena ia pulai ari matau menua,
Aku ga meda pala kita nyau repa ulih idea pukul rata,
Meda belakang nyau bebendang tinggang seludang baju kasa,
Punggung nyau penuh laban gelung rajut bisa,
Meda lengan nyan enteran sangkuh temaga,
Baju udu badas sempama kain permaidani sutera.

Gaga meh aku serta gagit,
Nyingkang ke bulang kaki chawit,
Miau kita ngena selanjau ijau manuk Kunchit,
Aku ga miau semang kita ari belakang mulai ka tumbit,
Ngambi ka Yang tinggi kita enda kudi ngeransi mimit,
Laban aku tu ukai biau sengapa ukai pia,
Tu ga endang nunda Aki kami Apai Sabit Bekait,
Bujang Ancung Selung Bebelit ngetan ka pintu kota langit.

Nya alai nyau lelak kenu tudah aku di selepak ujung jari,
Miau kita enggau selanjau ijau manuk Lelaki,
Nunga kita ka kemumuk duduk bebandi,
Ba kerembai tikai anyam bediri,
Meda pakaian kita chukup manah udu rami,
Style baru putung tukang cina Miri,
Jangkuan kita tanggam jam tali luji,
Manuk tu meh kena aku miau semua kita ke lelaki,
Ngicha kita udah di biau aku,
Enggau selanjau ijau manuk Tawi tu lagi,

Pagila lusa ke dudi ari,
Pandai kita nya sekula abis Degree bulih Master bisi PhD,
Sida ka kerja kebun tulih ka puli mayuh jereki,
Kaban perintah arap ka ransing ngemaju bansa ngelui ari,
Chukup maya rebak baru megai menua nyadi menteri.

Naka penyuma aku nelenga ka rasa dabung kelabu,
Miau kita enggau selanjau ijau manuk Indu,
Nunga kita ka beketunga duduk empuru,
Ba kerembai tikai sapar rampu,
Manuk tu meh kena aku miau kita ti dara enggau ke indu,
Meda buk panjai kita tak lepai-lepai mulai ka dagu,
Mua tampak kita nyau radak-radak udu tampak baka telu,
Umba baju style baru bedabung iku,
Ngicha ka kita nya ila tauka diatu,
Pegari nama suah dikejaku,
Laban kita tu meh endang sempama Kumang Jawai dulu,
Dikeran ka orang kin kitu,
Mentas pendiau serta landik pengawa indu.

Lama ga meh kaki aku udah bediri kasak-kasak,
Miau ka selanjau ijau manuk Bejalak,
Nunga kita ka kemumuk duduk betapak,
Nasit manuk tu manah mimit peda aku,
Bisi dunggul silai tiga beserak,
Meda pakaian kita nyau melan-melan nyau kechirak,
Betanchut redam bebaju burak,
Nya alai manuk tawai luan pirak tu,
Kena aku miau sida ka anembiak,
Diatu amat meh sida nya agi mit lachit serta biak,
Tang ka dudi ari pagila lusa sapa nemu,
Engka sida bisi kenyap,
Dimbai Sempandai seduai Pandak Segatak,

Berani ati panjung nyeradak,
Nan ke pulau menua Sarawak,
Tan berujan ka leka meriam kempang betimbak,
Gagit bepekit ngemaju ka diri belajar berentak,
Mali sumbung kaban sekampung,
Nadai kepapas bela bebatak,

Nya baru gaga Petara Aki Petara Ini,
Meda peturun sama mansang angkat enchelak,
Amat gayu kenu Sentuku, gerai ko Sempandai,
Selamat Tahun Baru 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Every time when the clock ticks passed midnight on the very eve of new year, new chapter unfolds. With hope in mind, to the future we must.

As I peek to the intangible days ahead of me in 2010, series of events which took place in 2009 started to constantly bugging my head. Good ones and bad ones alike, I choose to let bygones be bygones. As one my friend back in matriculation always said "life is already complicated, why make it even worse?"

As an ordinary 22 years old yet-to-graduate student who believed in himself fondly, I am more or less like anybody else - grateful and enjoyed the full ride of life's roller coaster in 2009! Life a.k.a. the ride, is always full of ups and downs, for sure, but somehow it is filled with surprised and moments that defines it forever... In the end, though mind boggling, it's indeed worth the price! Don't you agree?

As new year approaches, it does not only bring a 'new year' by itself alone with it. Like it or not, it comes with countless of 'new' stuff package. New hope, new resolution, new goals, new surroundings, new attitudes, new clothes etc. new moon? That goes to Edward Cullen.

In short, when new chapter begins in one's life, almost everything becomes new. Since it is a new year, this article will be focusing on new GOAL for the year. Can you believe me people when I say that even though our GOALS may be different, there's something about it we should have in common! Yes, regardless of your dream of something which may be too small a punch or something that packs too big a wallop, I repeat we have similarity - Yep, THAT FIRST TWO LETTERS i.e. G-O-a-l

I don't know what President Barrack Obama wished for nor do I dare to question what YOU are planning for too, but the only thing ALL of us must do is to GO for our GOals!

When I attend my first lecture 3 years back, I still remember the phrase which my lecturer used to tell us "the poorest of men is not the one without golds but the one without goals"

Many dreamed and chased after theirs but very a few would really GO and grasp it. No matter what your dreams are for 2010, remember to GO for it because unless you GO for it, your GOal will incomplete - other wise, it's kinda weird to have --AL alone without GO in front! I can't imagine, people asked "what's your --AL for this year?" Funny isn't it?

Joke aside, that's the importance of that particular first two letters. Without them, the word becomes incomprehensible and to your GOAL, without you really GO for it, what's left is only an incomplete --AL!

Best wishes and all the best for the upcoming year to all. Till the next postings.
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