Sunday, February 28, 2010


A new year which supposed to be welcomed with joy and glad tidings fall out to be disastrous, guess that's what it takes to be in The Year of Tiger. In January 12, 2010 alone a magnitude of 7.0 Richter Scale earthquake stroke the town of Leogane, some 25km from Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital with an approximately 230,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and 1,000,000 homeless.

Before long after that, the world was again in awe as Nature took its toll when on February 27, 2010 (yesterday) the capital of Chile, Santiago was pounded by a magnitude of 8.8 Richter Scale earthquake - one of the world's most powerful one in a century - killing more than 300 people (to date), toppled buildings and triggered Tsunamis that rolled menacingly across the Pacific. For news click 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Such devastation caused by the quake was immeasurable, unfit for words to describe. Maybe, for once I believe that pictures are indeed worth thousand words.

The aftermath of such magnitude has called for a state of alarm and constant avoidance to stay away from beaches for those who are near to coastal area as there are likely to occur rough sea conditions and sea level rising starting from 12pm-6pm today (sunday). A report released by The US Meteorological Department said that the aftermath of the tremor may trigger severe unstable sea condition, as expected Tsunamis to countries as far as Indonesia, Philippines and Japan in the Pacific - which means Malaysia is literally included. So, beware of the sea people, I know the temptations of Percy Jackson being the son of Poseidon (God of the sea) is irresistible, but get on with it, for now.

I don't know whether I should say this or not but I think everyone is feeling the same way too, at least I guess. Lately, world weather seems unstable. You may feel like boiling on your bed though you are in the heart of the tropical equator. Even, some of my friends studying in Europe said that they've gone weary of the numb feeling of coldness reaching below freezing point. Conclusion? You bet!

p/s - Sometimes we are bedazzled by peculiarity... you know, while other countries were struck by tremor naturally, here in Sarawak heritage such as 'rumah panjang' are being 'trembled' artificially. To what end? Strange.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Malaysian government has named 2010 as 'The Year of Innovation & Creativity' (YOIC) of which the emphasize is to promote, inspire and empower youths to the verge of their inner instincts by tapping and maximizing unsung talents lies within. That said, are we ready as in unison ready?

But before we are to jump into conclusion, here are some day-to-day basics that we need to realize firsthand (some pundits may call them trivial but unless these are subdued, more likely to me, YOIC is but another utopia)

1. Anyone is born creative! Believe it or not? Believe it. During my first lecture in an engineering course, one of my professors used to say that he gave us 100% marks for his subject in the first class, meaning, it is our responsibility, choices and actions that'll ensure what we'll get by the end of the semester. Taking that into account, I want to think that in life, being creative and innovative also imply the same way. Anybody, anywhere was given the same opportunity to be creative, it's a matter of whether one used it fully or nearly a scant 2 pounds. Creativity must not be limited to mere arts, musics, science and talents. There's much more rooms for it to expand - if we allow it to be. I'd rather say, trying something new and off-trend is creative & innovative in nature i.e. restraining yourself in using plastic bags while shopping is creative - you helped reduce amounting of non-biodegradable substance! Also, shutting down your PC while it's not operating is innovative - you shoot 2 birdies with a bullet! (you helped to conserve the depleting energy + somehow, you literally pro-long your lappy's lifespan. What's more creative than that?

2. Failure is also a result & yet, you ignore it? Most people look for perfection that failure is not an option anymore. I recalled, my supervisor always mentioned that; failure is also a result! That it should not be ignored because the fruits of innovation are the labors and the hard work you planted before old. Remember Thomas A. Edison? Ludwig V. Beethoven? Erwin Schrodinger? How many roads of failure they walked before gazing upon the interstate of successes? It's hard to swallow, but the truth is... sometimes, creativity & innovation came as a result of incessant failures. Should you fail next time, don't hesitate to admit it folks, who doesn't anyway?

3. The next time you see the door slide, it's not due to hungry ghosts whatsoever, it's the wind blowing. This is something bounded by cultures and traditions. Likewise, we are fond with taboos, do's and don'ts since childhood living in a culture that is special in it's own way. I'm not saying that one should abundant cultures & traditions to be creative & innovative. No. But, once in a while, why not get on with it? I mean i.e. why must relate a cracking sound under your bed with some petty ghosts playing Big 2 cards waiting for you to scare? It can be also due to rutting woods generated from your squirming movements and deformation of material due to temperature different (being exposed during day so, it's time to stretch back at night! You see, even nature needs a break)

4. You felt that you've done your thinking, think again! Sometimes, people can be ignorant. Hellishly ignorant. Just because you won some competitions back in school, doesn't mean that you have an IQ level the same of Einstein's. Let say, your parents are doctors, it doesn't means that you'll automatically be a doctor just like them. The word is AUTOMATIC! Should you wanna be like them, you'll NEED TO be a doctor NOT AUTOMATICALLY popped out & voila, doctor you are. Nope. It's like going to church doesn't make you a Christian, anymore than standing in a garage makes you car! That's our greatest lousiness of all: the intuition to think! And just for the record, thinking is the only job in the world that may sparks you millions (should your ideas are peachy) but cost you nothing instead free of charge. But why wouldn't we take thinking seriously? Because we're taught that everything can be made instantaneously. That's what we're lacking of - thanks to 'instant' mania. You know, instant noodles, instant drinks, instant deliveries, instant prescriptions... instant death!

To wrap up, wise man once said;"innovation & creativity at best are often momentary in nature". I'm gonna have to agree with that - Maybe yesterday, they were in The North Pole, but today they maybe in China and who knows, tomorrow they maybe just under your nose waiting for you to tap! Everyone has the equal rights to be creative & innovative and as always it begins with YOU. Yes, you.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Celebrating 1 year anniversary of As I See It. My utmost gratitude to all readers alike. My wish is that those pieces written here may become catalysts of change and beacons of truth over crooked misleading scribes.

Because I'd rather be in silence vice than cowering
in ostentatious virtues - DMBL.

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