Saturday, June 20, 2009


To many of us, our fathers are our heroes. Though sometimes, as humans we tend to see things differently, the bonding between fathers and sons surpass everything our minds can ever imagine. We appreciate them for their love and guidance. A good father can set an example of strength, honor, sacrifice, and responsibility. On this special occasion, we honor fathers for their love and the lessons they have taught us.

Any man can be a father

but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Thanks for being that special one to me.

We used to argue & had countless frictions in the way
But never once will you get mad
Everytime I tried to deny the fact
The more I'm proud of you as my DAD!

To Apa: Bernard Lium Barundang
Happy Father's Day!

your son,

Donovan Mujah Bernard Lium

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Imagine you are now watching a group of smoke floating flawlessly on your forehead as you tried your best to decipher the meaning of the words bit by bit... but as you reach your conclusion, the smoke is gone. So, what does it resembles?

No, don't be mistaken, I'm not a narrator whatsoever, I was just trying to relate how our forefathers in the past hardly conveying messages towards each other. As you can see, although smoke lighting may look simple and convincing, it's something that needs high regards in patience because to master the technique alone might take you a fruitful year of doing nothing!

Anyway, that's how the history of communication by means of expression (of course involving at least 2 parties whose apart from each other). With the advancement of technology and rapid growth of human's curiosity + not to abandoned China - the first paper user on Earth using papyrus tree in scripting their writings - letter correspondences came to life as substitute to smoke lighting.

Nowadays, thanks to all the previous great minds of the 19th century physicists that we are able to indulge ourselves in a filthy rich technological world. From the age of electronic-mail (e-mail), cellphones, Yahoo Messenger (YM) to SMS and MMS, humans are seen to be more interested in it deeper. Even now, as I was typing this particular post pertaining technology leap, it'll be accessed throughout the world in seconds with @ without my consent. Gone were the days of postman!

As the freedom of information sharing is unlimited and transparent in this borderless world, nowadays information through electronics media can be harmful and jeopardizing to a certain extend as the rage in the long oppressed public erupted.

That's why we can find out, there are countless of blogs and other private initiated web hosting being created to accommodate for the controlled mass media own by the ruling party of a country. In US alone, the government spent almost millions of dollars to monitor the private web pages own by the citizens. It is also reported that through CIA, the government even hacked into one's PC when relentlessly violating personal rights to freedom of speech.

In Malaysia, the trend is almost the same where some people who is likely more prone to criticize the government - in this case, RPK - end up in a cell due to his boldness. Sets of questions remained;

  1. If the so-called vocal RPK was indeed guilty (as they said) - in fact, lawsuit had been filed towards him - how on Earth can he be freed from the sentence?

  1. Is it because he's one of the Kerabat's?

  1. Freedom of speech and mass media are the heart of democracy but how can the citizens practice those rights when in the very first place, those were not theirs? It's like asking a boy to speak up his mind where at the same time his mouth is shut.

Note that the numberings are specifically numbered as 1 all the way, so that we know to which extend of seriousness are we heading.

I can say, very soon, even the electronic media will be monitored by the authorities and when that time comes, sadly to say, our community might be full of cock suckers that only speak sweet words neglecting the truth, leaving their people dying in misery...

Till the next posting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here are some updates for the previous Gawai at my kampong back in Betong & of course, only during Gawai can you witness all these merry-making activities.

Me with The Beauties..
A "miring" ceremony led by our assistant TR

The TR is seen here with the Malaysian flag.
My uncles line up..
Me with cousins
& some "piring"

Best part, only during Gawai
u can find...
all of the "authorities"
are being "friendly"
to other folks
me being myself,
looking from afar.

As far as I can remember, that were all the pics that I managed to capture because after that, I was all busy with the "ai pengayu". U know what happened next folks!

*Bejalai betungkat ke adat, tinduk bepanggal ke pengingat, belajar penapat inat.

Till the next posting.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This posting is merely updates regarding current issues happening around us every day. Like it or not, the fact that the future is wobbled completes the query itself.

Firstly, the world is shocked with the incessant growth of the Swine Flu H1N1 (here) that has been declared to be a global pandemic by WHO.
"On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus. A Phase 6 designation indicates that a global pandemic is underway"

Malaysia is among the countries which has been affected with the first case to be found in K.L. (news) Though assurance is made by the Ministry of Health that confirms the case, cross-national travel within country is even compromised.

On top of that, public whining continue to arise when recently the price of fuel started to increase to $70 per barrel. When fuel price increased, other sectors that demand oil utility will hit the mark. This includes the transportation fee i.e. taxi, airplane and public transports fares. Most importantly, vehicle's fuel price and daily groceries need will also increase.

Besides that, the country is also being affected by the haze problem that clouded the clear metropolitan sky as a result of the annual farm burning and hot temperatures that arises up to 38 Celsius. The fuss is much felt when one day, I was all sweating heavily even though I was leaving the shower for just about 5 minutes!

Worse still, with the current global economic crisis that believed to worsen in the next quarter - how can one secure a penny when all these problems occur simultaneously? Is there any room for statement like "Oh, why bother?"

Logically, this is the appropriate time to sink ourselves into deep perusal where every family should plant their hays when the sun still shine. As the saying goes, its better to be prepared now than to be sorry later!

So, is there still pieces of hope for us? I wanted to believe that YES there is waiting for us to embrace. Its all about how we endure and expect the best out from it!

I want to relate those issues with the famous story of a bird that travels north avoiding cold winter breeze. As he was passing by a farm, he planned to stop for a nap. Suddenly, the farmer's cow dropped piles of dung on top of the bird. The bird felt warm by the dung, was all excited till he jumped happily miles of the ground. Noticing the little birdie was a hungry stray cat that has been left out with no food. Hence, the cat used that opportunity to offer help to the birdie with a secret plan on mind. When the bird is freed, the cat ate him!

Morals of the story are simple:
  1. Not everyone that dropped piles of dung on you is evil.
  2. Not everyone that saved you from piles of dung is good.
  3. Lastly, let's not be neither the bird, cow nor the cat.

Till the next posting.

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