Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's roughly about three months since the year 2011 unfolds but our intimate rapport with Mother Nature seems lost along the way, as we gallantly smeared the very face of the Earth, leaving detrimental scars. In that pursuit, we deliberately forget the impending consequences of our doings, in which most cases often claimed the lives of the innocents, not once but thrice!

The world is yet again struck in light by the three significant earthquakes that ruined the city of Christchurch, New Zealand (6.3) in February, Tohoku region, Japan (8.9) and Myanmar (6.8) both in March. The devastations they brought were all too immense and unfathomable as the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key was reported as saying "we maybe witnessing New Zealand's darkest day..." Similarly, in Japan - the country dubbed as champion of sustainable developments and frontier of disaster preventions - Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan said "in the 65 years after the end of WWII, this is the toughest and the most difficult crisis for Japan." Being in Japan myself, though not exactly affected by neither the shocks or the Tsunami, I seconded the prime minister's remark. To complicate the matter more, Japan not only had to deal with the aftermaths of the earthquake and Tsunami but also the exposure to radiation as a result of Fukushima I and II, Onagawa and Tokai nuclear power plants explosions in which the Japanese Nuclear Agency repeatedly asserted "doing the best they can to cool down the reactors."

Likewise, Myanmar - surprisingly not part of The Ring of Fire region - encountered the same fate as the country was shaken in tremors. So far, according to anonymity condition, more than 70 casualties (The Star) were reported and still counting. However, it was believed that the death toll could be escalating because the junta government is said to be reluctant to release information.

That said, with the rapid and not-so-friendly gestures portrayed by Nature lately, one may come into a general conclusion and begin to ask the question of 'when will be the quakes in us be unleashed?' The 'quakes' here being referred to our conscience in realizing the importance of balance and harmony between us and our surroundings. Of course, one may argued that natural disasters are spontaneous and that we are not to be directly blame - in case one predicates one's reasonings based on this apathetic belief, yes - but wait not until you witnessed for yourself a wall of sea water coming towards you (3-4 storeys high) while your ground is trembling. Logically speaking, I would rather succumb to the notion that we should be more tolerable and in truce with Nature - like what we used to - rather than be sorry later.

It's time for us to deploy our own search and rescue parties to our hearts, just in case, who knows buried deep within the rubbles of the broken pieces of affection we once had towards Nature, we may find the long last evidence of hope and rebuild a new monument - preoccupied with earthquake resistance design - to our liking, we by choice, chose to build!

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